Our Services

NDT Services


ARL ensures the safe and efficient operation of your equipment and structure by detecting defects or discontinuities before they result in severe damage and assures compliance with the as built standards. ARL offer you complete or sample examination as per requirements, using well-designed procedures and highly trained and certified NDT inspectors.

Specialised Inspections


ARL comprises a team of Engineers, Metallurgist, Engineering Technologist, Welding Supervisors, AICIP Inspectors, API Inspectors, and Conventional to advanced robotic Non-destructive testing Technologist. The combination of these professionals from different speciality ensures that our professional services are delivered precisely to our clients and they are benefited by the implementation of most cost-effective solution.

Mechanical Testing Laboratory


ARL’s Mechanical Division provides a comprehensive range of metallurgical and mechanical testing services. This is done with the most modern machine shop in Sydney. We can provide Test Specimen Preparation promptly enabling a quick turn-around. Test specimens are prepared from metallic and non-metallic material for evaluation of tensile, compression, impact fatigue, hardness and bend testing.

Storage Tanks


Storage of large quantities of hazardous substances entails risk for the population, the environment and the surrounding area. Leakage from storage tanks containing oil, gas or chemicals can be caused by the influence of weather on the external surfaces and product type on internal surface or material can be affected by internal product flow & temperature variations. ARL specializes in these inspections and are carried under the supervision of API-653 inspector

Research and Development


ARL Laboratory Services R & D department endeavour to develop unique testing and inspection applications and procedures that will ensure the client’s needs are met. This can be in the area of modification of equipment to suit a special testing requirement along with developing sample testing coupons to ensure difficult results are achievable. ARL assist industry and our clients for the development of new inspection and testing procedures.

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