Mechanical Testing Laboratory

ARL’s Mechanical Division provides a comprehensive range of metallurgical and mechanical testing services. This is done with the most modern machine shop in Sydney. We can provide Test Specimen Preparation promptly enabling a quick turn around. Test specimens are prepared from metallic and non-metallic material for evaluation of tensile, compression, impact fatigue, hardness and bend testing. ARL’s Mechanical Testing capability includes:

Tensile Testing

 Impact Testing

 Macro and Micro Testing

 Bend Testing, (Root, Side and face)

 Compression Testing

 Flaring and Flattening

 Hardness Testing (HV, HL, HRC, HRB, HSD)

 Drop Weight Testing

 Proof Load Testing

 Fastener Testing (Tensile, Bend, Impact & Hardness)

ARL Customers can feel confident that not only for their routine testing needs, but also for any unique client special testing requirements needs will be handled by our experienced Metallurgists, Engineers, and Technicians as required.




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