Welding Procedure Development

Prior to the start of any new welding work a welding procedure is developed and tested to ensure that you obtain a sound weld in accordance with the relevant specification. While developing a welding procedure all the essential variables must be considered. Material, Joint preparation, welding consumables such as welding wire/electrodes, welding gas, amperage, voltage, travel speed and gas flow.

In some cases other items such as pre-heating and post heating may also become part of the final welding procedure. Once the Welding Procedure has been developed, a sample simulating the production welding is welded and then subjected to various Non-Destruction and Destructive tests. If all the tests results comply, then this welding procedure can be used to carry out the associated production welding. With special alloys it may require a lot of additional development to achieve a satisfactory welding procedure that will satisfy the welding requirements.

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