Expediting Inspection Survey

This is where a Third Party acting on behalf of the client performs progressive and final inspections at the contractor’s workshop as well as on site to provide constant update to client of the current status of fabrication, material inventory, inspection and delivery dates for work being performed. Non-complying items may be subject to Non-Conforming Report (NCR) being issued therefore reducing the risk of delaying the project. It also enables the client to monitor the quality of the work as it is being manufactured.


A Client’s Problem will become ARL’s Challenge as ARL obtains the correct Solution.


ARL provide Pre Shipment Inspection and Welding Consultancy both nationally and internationally.
Develop Welding Procedures that comply with all the International Welding Codes and Standards.
Witness and assist in the performance of Welder Qualification Testing to the relevant Welding Procedures
Specialized training for welders to meet International Welding Standards with MMAW, FCAW, GMAW, Stud Welding FBW, GTAW and SAW Welding processes.
On-Site Weld Failure Analysis and the Solution associated with both Welding Procedures and Welder.
Detailed Quality Weld Inspection as per Engineering/Workshop Drawings / Client Specifications.
Dimensional Checks during and at the completion of manufacture of most engineered products.
Time Line Inspection based on the Client’s Inspection and Test Plans (ITP)


ARL mainly covers Brunei, Mainland China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Lebanon, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Oman) and Thailand.

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